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ukrainianwomenSlavic character has been created and modified by geographical and historical nuances. The history can explain much of the Ukrainian woman’s character. Unfortunately, not every one of us knows it. Constant wars, inland struggles have caused Ukrainian strange patriotism. Tough conditions have caused Ukrainians living together in order to protect themselves from natural disasters.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Ukrainian people is their being very sociable. The system that resembles Socialism much has been there for ages when local peasants lived in community having a function to help the poor and prevent the strongest from getting higher position. As you can see the natural support dominated over survival instinct.

This feeling of collectivism has caused people interfering in private’s lives. You will be surprised how roughly you can be discussed, if you bring the kid out without a hat on a cold day. Giving advice in the streets is a regular thing in Ukrainian cities.

The remarkable thing about Ukrainian women is their patriotic feelings. You may consider it a hidden and shy form of patriotism. All Slavic people are known for the criticism and demanding attitude towards themselves. One needs to understand that this is just the side of self-esteem and honesty. If you hear Ukrainians blaming life in their country, do not hurry up to tell the same things as they won’t tolerate same critics from a foreigner. So, do not take their sayings about life in their country for simple.

Ukrainian people have a very strange attitude towards laws and local rules. For instance, when you see the table showing that walking with dog is prohibited in the park, you can see hundreds of dogs with their owners. This can be caused by no special areas for dogs to be walked in. Thus, these tables make not much sense.



Many people are informal to each other in post Soviet countries and treasure friendship very much. If you are asked: “How are you?” question, be ready to provide a detailed answer. Not many Ukrainian ladies will tolerate a foreigner formal answer, as they will see it as offensive.

Despite the long period of atheism, religion plays a great role in life of many women from Ukraine. Orthodox Christianity is prevailing in Ukraine. Entering church men would put off their hats and women, on the contrary, should cover their heads with the scarves. Talking loudly, taking pictures and staring at others are the things that you better do not do at local churches.

So, now you can decide for yourself whether Ukrainian women are strange or just different.