Reasons to Date a Successful Woman

Successful woman is a term that can be subjective to every one of us. Successful woman doesn’t mean only finically successful, but emotionally, socially. Continue reading “Reasons to Date a Successful Woman”

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Tips to help you have a successful sex life with a Russian woman

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russexNowadays the meaning of the words “busy woman” has a totally different meaning and is met rarer and rarer, and it is understandable as you are not really able to “rock” after a ten hours working day.  And when it is a full evening of house work waiting for you how can you speak or even think of a successful sexual life. This was a good advice is to forget about everything that is going on the mind and about all of the problems and to start using all of the tools that mother nature has provided you with. This way for the man it is important to notice all of the changes that the lady has made with herself as all of them are speaking for their selves.

1)     While going to sleep the lady is saying a few words to her beloved man (even if they are some usual words not having even a hint upon sex) but which are said with a different than usually voice. For more effect the lady may add some unusual breathing in Marilyn Monroe’s style. And there is no doubt that this simple move from the lady’s side will make her man realize that she has a strong desire, and he will certainly leave everything he was doing before in order to satisfy her desire even if he was watching football game or box before on the television. Continue reading “Tips to help you have a successful sex life with a Russian woman”

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