briderussianThere are no doubts that women all over the world like receiving compliments, if you know how and when to give them, this is a great plus in your relationship improvement. Russian women not only like the compliments, but yearn for them. If you want to please your Russian bride, don’t forget about giving her compliments, the more frequent the better. It is a common experience for a beautiful lady to receive compliments from the random men in the street. Very often a woman would reply “thank you”, however, there are still women that wouldn’t like that.

Men in Russia and CIS countries are not afraid to be accused of sexual harassment and they give compliments and comments on the appearance of their employees, colleagues at work, etc.

Russian ladies a beautiful and receive compliments. If a Russian woman doesn’t receive compliments from the opposite sex, she feels defective. Just be sure your comments are not with a focus on the sexual part as this is simply impolite.

It is very important for a Russian woman to know she is beautiful. If you are not get used to other men making compliments to your wife and may not like this, it is understandable. Then give her as many compliments as possible by yourself, so she feels wanted, desired and needed. Then she won’t react on the compliments of other men.

Russian women rarely give compliments themselves. You will be told you look great and handsome only if you really do. Commenting cute babies is what you may mostly here you’re your Russian’s bride compliments. Russian woman will never tell a compliment to her friend about the dress she doesn’t like at all, while in the West it is considered a norm of politeness and being nice.

So, if you receive a compliment from a Russian woman, be sure she really means it!