swingsexIn the West, the majority of people that create families have a rather large sexual experience: an average of 7 – 8 premarital sexual partners for men and 3 – 4 – women. So the new partner is not a novelty for people with such experience. They are far more attracted by the presence of another couple, also making love near or with them. That is orgy sex life. “Mini-orgy” – so called swinging both where partners participate and watch. Swingers clubs Sheffield practice group sex. These orgies generate an emotional lift, ecstasy, a burst of sexual energy, looseness, revives love life, giving it a bright new sensations, new paint – so called “foursome love” Is this true? Recognized sexologists D.Lester and V.Koen, for twenty years were studying this phenomenon. According to their observations, swinger couples find greater sexual pleasure and for a longer period of time retain sexual activity. Almost all women in the study of two thousand couples experiencing orgasmic discharge, whereas among “traditional” couples it is absent in 24% of women. And many of the “participants” recognized that the discharge was first experienced during the “foursome”!

Practice says that in Sheffield, women involved in this form of sex, say, that they tried it because of the desire to reach the “ceiling” the high sensibility, find the highest point of passion, to feel the peak of their sexuality. This is understandable: after all, in mass surveys 87% people recognized that “swing did not take place in their sexual life,” “they do not disclose their sexual potential.” And they do not want to try it up! However in swingers couples marital satisfaction is much higher, half the divorce rate is three times less. These rates are not for show off. They are made strictly to show that there are things much productive and much satisfactory for couples.

Many swingers couples here.