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russexNowadays the meaning of the words “busy woman” has a totally different meaning and is met rarer and rarer, and it is understandable as you are not really able to “rock” after a ten hours working day.  And when it is a full evening of house work waiting for you how can you speak or even think of a successful sexual life. This was a good advice is to forget about everything that is going on the mind and about all of the problems and to start using all of the tools that mother nature has provided you with. This way for the man it is important to notice all of the changes that the lady has made with herself as all of them are speaking for their selves.

1)     While going to sleep the lady is saying a few words to her beloved man (even if they are some usual words not having even a hint upon sex) but which are said with a different than usually voice. For more effect the lady may add some unusual breathing in Marilyn Monroe’s style. And there is no doubt that this simple move from the lady’s side will make her man realize that she has a strong desire, and he will certainly leave everything he was doing before in order to satisfy her desire even if he was watching football game or box before on the television.

2)     While having a shower or taking a bath lady will never put on a pajamas or something looking like night wearing. Usually she will simply put on a bathrobe (without even using a towel before while leaving some water drops on the body. And while putting a robe on, it should be not very tied in order to leave some opened places for the man’s sight that is a very good method of seduction that will guarantee a very pleasant night even to two people who got very tired during the day.

3)     Another sign that the lady is trying to seduce you is when she is walking towards you with the maximum possible sexuality. The walking is supposed to be not simply sexy but a very attractive one. A good example for the ladies is usually watching the designer shows while the models are walking here and there. That is very seducing for the ladies.

4)     Another seducing point is a hint upon sweat in a sexual game. And people are not advised to make some difficult physical efforts in order to sweat, though it is nice when a lady is inviting you to lie on a carpet with her. Sometimes ladies are even pretending that they are looking for something like earring or something else. While looking down her butt will look very calling and of course man will use his chance while forgetting about his natural ego.

5)     Another hint is when a lady is asking you to give her some nickname, such as “baby doll”, “doll”, “and pussy”, “sweetie” and so on. Such an interesting treatment of the lady will bring her to a perfect mood for a sort of “affair”. Is it weird? Maybe! So what? It is really working!

6)     Another very good hint is the lady’s underwear. If she is wearing something full of laces or silk than she is certainly ready and looking for something more than going to sleep. And it not even necessary to show it completely to the partner as the entire thought that this wonderful and tender underwear is on the lady will make the lady being in a certain mood for playing. And if she is looking for something extra when she will start looking for something in her man’s boxers.sex1women

7)     Another good point is when the lady is trying to seduce her man by her opened and free speaking initiative. She can act like men usually do; she can touch him or even slap his ass while he is walking all around. Or she can out of the sudden slip her hand under his shirt. Also ladies may use the oldest way to show their men that they want them, like touching him with her leg under the table. Anyway there are a lot of ways that ladies are usually using. Besides that the more people are around the table the better.

8)     If the lady stops using her usual robs while walking around the house and is wearing some nice tight pans with a topic than it is a certain hint to her man that she wants to look sexier for him, and that she misses something in their life. Or she might out of the sudden stop wearing underwear that will make her very sexy to her man as well. The main thing is not to do it while taking a supper or it is a big risk of not eating anything at all.

9)     Each woman has an entire plan of seducing her man, and it is a very important one. There is no man who could have stayed indifferent to a lady who is sliding her hands around the man’s body while he is untying his laces on the shoes. Though of course you should try not to frighten them, if in your relationship are not very much cases than the lady is doing it. Or for example more modest ladies are using another version such as a light French kiss.

10) Another point is that the lady is standing against light while wearing some skirt on a naked body that reveals almost everything. Oops in this case the lady is usually not standing a lot.

11) Another seduction tool that the lady is using from time to time is buying some corsage or robe that has a huge variety of buttons, especially if they are small ones. An ideal option if it is some light dress. This way the lady is usually catching the moment when the man is looking on her and this way she is able to untie one or two buttons. Whether it will be near her chest or knees is up to her. That depends usually on which part of her body she considers as the most attractive one for her man.

12) Another tool that the lady is using is watching her man right in his eyes, at least for a minute or so. While the sharp or shameless look into her man’s eyes it might become a great arm for the lady. This thing will never leave her man without any attention. And of course he will ask something like “What?” and here you will reply “I imagine how you will do it”. You may not even finish the phrase while following your own fantasy. The main thing is the lady not to get scared in the last moment by asking her man to help her with something around the house.

13) Erotic dances are very good for each woman and for each man. Though it is no necessity for the lady to copy Kim Basinger’s moves in the movie “9 ½ weeks”. For the beginning the lady might start dancing while doing something in the kitchen and not necessarily upon the favorite melody of her beloved man, it can be a simple radio music, moves are the most important things.

14)  Another good point is when the lady stops making a perfect hair for a few days. That is giving a lot of place for the man’s fantasy, as he is able to imagine his woman as a girl or forest fey it depends on the men’s imagination. That is a little chaos in his life and it would certainly give a positive effect.

15)  Another good point from the lady’s point is doing something lazy, like usually the Hollywood divas are acting in the movies. There is a minimum of rush, slow moves of the head or slowly moving from “A” to “B” point in the room. While drinking a little from a big glass of wine. This kind of behavior will concentrate men’s attention upon her while making him trembles in the awaiting. Waiting of what? Only lady is deciding.

16)  Some men like when their lady is acting like a rude “mistress”. Especially if lately she was mostly in a passive role. Lady’s usually are not taking the initiative in their hands while using some arguments to avoid making some actions. This way it is good to remember that power is a very good aphrodisiac.

17)  Also it is good for the ladies to flirt all the time. Once again everything the lady is doing she starts out of the sudden. She needs to take care of the nerves of her beloved man. Little by little she is acting like during the first days of their acquaintance like giggling and saying some nice things while touching him and pointing her eyes down. Is it so hard to remember how it WAS? And the good point that the extraordinary sex will become a perfect reward.69sexgirls

18)  Before men is going for a shower in the evening some ladies are removing all of the towels from the bathroom, this way her man will need her help eventually, and this help will be immediately given to him , and not looking like a towel, but like his naked lady in front of him.

19)  It is completely intolerable for men seeing their lady all “armed” with her make up on the face, sex is sex but the skin is supposed to rest, and it will look very attractive  if she will stay fresh, only wearing some light lipstick on her lips. You need to remember that the ladies are usually making up their selves only for their men, but they do not know the main thing, that men simply adore their fresh look, as this way ladies look more innocent.

20) Another thing that is driving men nuts about their lady is when she is sleeping naked. The majority of life people are spending while being dressed completely, that is why the lady has an opportunity to feel herself like a real lady while wearing nothing only some perfume, and that’s it.